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Therapy for your child in Fort Worth, Texas......

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Caring Child

When your child is struggling you may notice....

  • feeling that you are missing out on moments of true happiness with your child

  • behavioral outbursts that make you feel lost as a parent

  • constant fear or worry when around other children or just in general

  • they are unhappy, withdrawn, and often tearful

  • they are becoming more and more inflexible

  • decline in school performance and social interaction

What therapy could provide for you, your family, and your child....

  • rediscover the joy in the life you share

  • emotional wellness and regulation

  • healthy coping skills

  • parenting tools to improve mood and behaviors

  • attachement growth

Has there been a recent family transition, divorce or seperation? Are you growing more concerned for your child and their mental wellness? Do you feel in your heart there has been a disruption in attachment? We have worked with many children who struggle with behavioral and emotional outbursts, academic issues, attachment, trauma, and more. Many of their parents have felt stuck and are unsure of what to do, just as you may feel now.

Counseling gives your child the space needed to begin to process and work out their frustrations, anxieties, and sadness. Our therapists will work with your child and you as a parent to find sources of concerns and ways to address them. It may feel impossible now but your child can find true happiness. We will be with you and your child each step of the way, using the skills and techniques developed through professional training and experiences to guide and give you practical ways to respond to daily events. 

What is Play Therapy?

TrueSelf Counseling now offers play therapy for children in our Fort Worth office. Play therapy is designed to meet your child where they are, not in a stuffy, sit down for talk therapy kind of way. Instead, play therapy is based upon the idea that the best place to meet a child and to begin to help them to overcome struggles is though joining them in play. A licensed and trained therapist will use play therapy to help your child begin to relax and open up as well as develop and model responsibility, coping, and socials skills.

Play Therapy has been found to be incredibly helpful in helping children to process difficult family situations, traumas, fears, and also helps to reduce anger and anxiety around others as well as school. It is also a great way to gain self-assurance and confidence!

TrueSelf Counseling

Counseling and Coaching for the Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families of Fort Worth, Aledo, Burleson, Keller, Lake Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas

What We Treat:


Parent-Child Conflict


Infant/Toddler Mental Health

Life Transitions

Behavioral Concerns 

Emotional Regulation

Relationship Issues 

Adoption Triad


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