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Therapy for your Family in Fort Worth, Texas....

Family Struggles in Fort Worth, Texas

When your family is struggling you may notice...

  • constant tension, conflict and negativity

  • dread of coming home from work or picking the kids up from school

  • no longer finding happiness in the small things

  • hostility and/or jealously after divorce or separation

  • constant manipulation or avoidance of one another

  • feeling hopeless or lost 

  • isolation due to the family issues 

  • feeling disconnected from the people who matter most

What family therapy could provide for you, your children, and your spouse.....

  • shift from reactive parenting to one that supports communication and growth

  • self-awareness and deeper sense of trust within the family

  • Develop skills in challenging times

  • gain constructive communication techniques for the whole family

  • improve overall family functioning 

  • support when it matters most

Families are forever changing and are complex. There are many different family dynamics, each of which has its unique challenges. TrueSelf Counseling offers family counseling services that involves the family as a whole. A family therapy session should be a place of safety and growth. Each member will be offered a place to speak openly without biased and judgement. I will discuss treatment goals and plan which each member and allow voices to be heard by all. At times, initial sessions will be held with parents only and when appropriate children will be introduced into the therapy process. TrueSelf Counseling uses a variety of approaches for addressing goals for families all of which will be discussed during sessions.


If you are sick of family conflict, disconnect, disrespect, and miscommunication, let TrueSelf Counseling start to rebuild and establish what has been lost. 

TrueSelf Counseling

Counseling and Coaching for the Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families of Fort Worth, Aledo, Weatherford, Burleson, Keller, Lake Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas

What We Treat:


Parent-Child Conflict


Infant/Toddler Mental Health

Life Transitions

Behavioral Concerns 

Emotional Regulation

Relationship Issues 

Adoption Triad


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