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Therapy for You in Fort Worth or Online....

Lost? Isolated? Hopeless? Fort Worth, Texas Counseling
Feeling isolated? Depressed?

When you are struggling you may notice....

  • low energy and/or lack of motivation

  • questioning your life decisions and direction

  • feeling trapped or lost in your own world

  • feeling depressed, withdrawn, or sad

  • feeling easily triggered by past experiences 

  • unstable mood or increased irritability 

  • constant stress, worry, and/or fear something will go wrong

  • it's getting more and more difficult to get out of bed, get to work, see friends for happy hour or play with your children

What therapy could provide for you......

  • establish a safe, nonjudgmental space to share and process freely

  • provide a fresh perspective on issues

  • bring to light symptoms, behaviors, and/or unhealthy thought patterns

  • learn positive parenting techniques to increase bond/connection

  • discover healthy outlets when handling stress, change, or the many obstacles life can throw at you

  • overall improve relationships and emotional wellness

Do you feel lost in your own space? Do you wonder about the road your life is heading down? Individual counseling can help confront obstacles that have begun to interfere with our overall well-being. There are times in our lives that we begin to let go of our TrueSelf and begin to fall into unhealthy, unproductive, and even devastating patterns. We may find that we have lost joy in most things, our relationships suffer, and we may even find ourselves questioning our worth. 

TrueSelf Counseling offers a safe environment to explore these patterns and shed some light as to why we have lost our path. It is time to invest in you and stop the daily cycle. Let TrueSelf Counseling help channel the feelings of hopelessness, anger, frustration, despair, shame, or guilt into hope, pride, and serenity.

TrueSelf Counseling

Counseling and Coaching for the Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families of Fort Worth, Aledo, Burleson, Weatherford, Keller,  Lake Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas

What We Treat:


Parent-Child Conflict


Infant/Toddler Mental Health

Life Transitions

Behavioral Concerns 

Emotional Regulation

Relationship Issues 

Adoption Triad  


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