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Therapy for your teen....

Teen depression therapy in Fort Worth, Texas

When your teen is struggling you may notice......

  • isolating or withdrawing from family and friends 

  • fear or constant worry over things they cannot control

  • self-harming behaviors such as cutting, hair pulling, biting self, etc

  • defiance

  • increased depression

  • suicidal thoughts 

  • verbal and physical aggression towards others/irritability

  • low energy or lack of motivation

  • anxiety

  • change in school performance

What therapy could provide for you, your family and your teen.....

  • teach your teen to appropriately manage anger and impulse control

  • provide your teen with the tools needed to manage their stress and anxiety

  • establish and/or increase effective communication within the family system

  • increase self awareness as it relates to experiences and behaviors

  • set healthy boundaries within relationships

  • feeling more comfortable in their own skin

  • provide  your teen with someone they trust and can open up to about the daily challenges that goes along with being a teenager

  • overall improvement of self-worth, value, and well-being

Have you noticed your teen isn't acting like him or her self? Have they experienced a difficult break-up, major transition, change, or loss?  Does your teen fear or dislike going to school, struggle with relationships, have constant worries, or complains of frequent stomach aches?  Are you wondering if your teen needs more one on one attention? Or do you fear your teen is heading down a path which may be detrimental to their future?


Today our adolescents are facing obstacles and pressures that they are not cognitively nor emotionally prepared to handle due to their developmental age. Children, regardless of their age or gender, are maneuvering through their day trying to discover their authentic self while trying to navigate school, family, friends, etc. Our adolescents are experiencing such strong emotions that they simply cannot make sense of; much less express them in a way we as parents and caregivers can understand. TrueSelf Counseling has extensive experience working with adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, relationships, depression, self-esteem, aggression, and defiance. 

TrueSelf Counseling offers a holistic approach when working with pre-teens and teens demonstrating behaviors ranging from mild to more severe. TrueSelf Counseling acknowledges that traditional "talk therapy" does not always work with this population. Therefore, a range of modalities and techniques which utilize art, sand tray work, and play is used to help connect and reach this vulnerable group of children. 

Teen Depression
Teen therapy in Fort Worth

TrueSelf Counseling

Counseling and Coaching for the Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families of Fort Worth, Aledo, Burleson, Weatherford, Keller, Lake Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas



What We Treat:


Parent-Child Conflict


Infant/Toddler Mental Health

Life Transitions

Behavioral Concerns 

Emotional Regulation

Relationship Issues 

Adoption Triad


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